Mortgage Loan Service

Personal Property Loan

China Prosperity (Hong Kong) Limited offers customers with different kind of property loans, including grand residence, private housing estate, western style buiding, old tenement buildings, land property and car park… ect. And so, we provide extremely low mortgage rates, whether for buying a new property, second mortgage loan, credit card loans, corporate investment, business turnover, short-term emergency or the allocation of funds and other issues. As long as you have the property we will be able to help. We offer instant approval with few simple procedures where it saves all those procedures that you will need to go through in bank with easily cash flow is in han , giving you more financial freedom. Our professional team will provide financial advice for customers to meet individual’s requirements with tailor-made suitable loan program. Repayment period will depend on you, the shortest contribution period 3 – 6 months with no interest. You may also choose to pay only for the interest rate, making it easier to carry your financial plan ahead.

Industrial Property Loan

Our Industrial Property Loan includes factories, office, shops and all different kinds of industrial property loan. We will help each customer with a analytical financial report, through understanding one’s need and offer the best solution possible. We offer business owner’s loan , trade finance to assist you that suits your financial needs. Repayment period is flexible , for shortest, it can be between three to six month, while you may choose to pay only for the interest rate.

Document Required

Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
Proof of Residence
Public Fund Receipt / Title Deed
Rates Receipt
Property Management Fees Receipt