Personal Loan Low Interest Rate Loans Service

With your personal plans we may offer you a tailor made personal loan program especially for you.Tailor-made personal loan plan that suits your needs, with low interest rate and long repayment tenor, providing you with financial flexibility.We offer personal tailor-made interest rate for your convenient, is now welcoming anyone to apply regardless background, no matter if you are having a fixed salary, a commission based salary. We do welcome applicants of civil servants, professionals executives, full time/ part time / self -employed / University students/ Government housing residents/ House wife.. etc.

Loan Services

Highest Loan Amount 300,000
Loan Period can be as long as 48 installment
Fast-track 30-minute phone approval
No handling fee
We accept all credit ratings


Document Required

Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
Proof of residence
Income proof
  (for example: pay slips, tax return, MPF documents)
No handling fee
Last 3 months bank statements or savings account